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Do You Know What's In Your Water?

CWS is certified by the State California to sample your Water

Repeat Sampling

County & State Small Water Systems are often sampled by the local County Health Department. However, when a water system requires repeat Bacteria sampling (and other Repeat sampling) that is not included with the County services. This sampling then falls on the primary person in charge of the water system to collect these samples, fill out the necessary documents and deliver them to the appropriate laboratory.  

When you call CWS for your sampling needs, you can rest assured that your samples will be collected correctly, all documents explained to you (and/or filled out for you) and that your samples will be delivered to the laboratory within the time constraints allowed to keep your water system in good standing with the County/State regulators.  

We offer Flat Rates! 

Don't forget to ask our operator about our Free System Inspection while we are onsite!

Remember, sampling is meaningless unless performed correctly. Trust the experienced, certified operators at CWS